Mens no show socks in earth tone colors
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I'm looking high and low for men's no show socks in earth tone colors, but coming up empty. The ones I've found are either not really no show (like they're not truly below the ankle - and I'd like them to be below shoe-top level), or they're too expensive. I need some for about $7 per pair, max. And non-white and non-black is a must (earth tones are what I'm really hoping for, but I may have to settle for gray.). Please help! Thanks!
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I offer that if you can only find them in white, you can certainly dye them pretty easily into the colour of choice.
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Wigwam khaki ($8/pair) Hilfiger tan ($12/three pairs) Izod khaki ($5/pair) Nike khaki ($10/three pairs) Converse green ($4/three pairs)
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I bought a couple dozen nearly a decade ago at a Bass outlet store and haven't worn through any yet.
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You should definitely try to look in ">Sock Dreams. Don't be deterred by the sexy lady in socks on the front page - they have manly socks too, I promise!
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Thanks for the suggestions everybody.

Dying is interesting. Would the dye ever rub onto anything else, or bleed onto other things in the wash? Maybe the new dyes are better, but it used to be that dyed items could cause trouble for other clothing items.
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