Would my forum work?
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Would my forum work?

I am thinking of starting a forum for a phrase I am ranked number 1 for on Google. The phrase is "Types of Noses" so the forum would be called "Types of Noses". I currently get around 250 visitors per day for the phrase and the site. Do you think people would contribute valuable content or would leave immediately?

The forum would be about everything not just "Noses"...
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The people who type in 'types of noses' into google are probably looking for types of noses. Give the people what they want!
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If your forum has a name that suggests it is going to be about that topic, and I found it on a google search for that topic, and then I see that the forum is actually about random topics that have nothing to do with that search term, I would leave. Unless I was really really bored and your forum was really really entertaining. But you are not likely to get super high-quality interaction from 250 hits a day, even if all of them participate. And if I am in the middle of a google search for a particular topic, I have better things to do than hang out on random unrelated forums anyway.

So no, I don't think it would work.
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250 visitors a day isn't very many. That's not enough of a benefit for the cost of having a silly name like "Types of Noses."
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Thanks for the valuable feedback people
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Bacillus I hope you do make a blog. Make a blog that is a catalog of different types of noses. People noses, animal noses. Pictures, fun facts, statistics! That would be cool.
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Yes, it will work. For very small values of "work."
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I really don't see anything discussion-worthy in types of noses; the low 250 hitcount notwithstanding. But ian has a terrific idea going their - a photoblog with comments may end up much better.
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What you need is an amusing viral infographic. Noses should have names like 'The W.C. Fields' and 'The John Barrymore'. Nobody wants a po-faced website about nose shapes.
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