What the hell did I hear?
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This is definitely a long shot, but I'm looking for a weird reggae-ish song I heard on a radio a few months ago. The only things I remember about it are that it was pretty long, and the lyrics included something about "a piece of leg" and taking off your clothes.

The part that sounded like "piece of leg" was repeated a bunch of times, and the song seemed to go on forever but for all I know was only a few minutes long.

I meant to post this when I could actually remember more details about the song. I can't even remember what station I heard it on, but it was late at night and probably somewhere in the low-90's on the FM dial. I even had the name of the show it was played as a part of at one point, but when I had first looked it up they hadn't updated their playlist yet and the name of the song wasn't there. By the time I went to look again I'd forgotten the name of the show and it wasn't in my iPhone's search history anymore.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It's been driving my girlfriend and I crazy since we heard it, and as awful as it was, I'd love to hear it again.
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Just a shot in the dark, but it could have been a Judge Dread song. I don't know if I ever heard a song of his that wasn't sexually themed, or if such a thing exists.
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Take Off Your Clothes, by Judge Dread:


I only know it from the sample, but following visd's lead, maybe you'll recognize it. But Judge Dread is quite easily the most crap reggae artist ever, so I that's not it!
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Sorry guys, it's not Judge Dread. I'd have to say that, from what I remember, what I heard was even worse. Maybe reggae isn't the right genre, I don't know. The song I heard was much faster than that Judge Dread track
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Could it be "John Wayne Is Big Leggy?"

Youtube link:

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Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up)?
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Dunno the song but the like-reggae-but-faster genre you've thinking of is prolly dancehall.
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Also, for future moments like this, do you have awesomest-app-ever Shazam on your phone?
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I'm going to toss one from way left field and venture that you heard mushroom by can.
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