Need a Boston area women's tailor
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Recommendations for a Boston / Cambridge area tailor focused on women's clothing?

I recently received a raw silk skirt, in a beautiful color and fabric. The downside is that it's shapeless and hangs down to my ankles, and makes me look like ... well - it's not flattering.

So - I'd like to get the length and 'shape' altered if I can - it fits perfectly at the waist, so no issues there. Can anyone recommend a good tailor who can work with me to re-shape and shorten the skirt so I can actually wear it?

I've looked on Yelp,and there's a couple people I'll go talk to, but would love personal recommendations from the denizens of Mefi!
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I've had good experiences with Jordan the Tailor. My needs have been pretty basic - skirt-shortening, actually - but he did a great job.
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I have been very happy with the (wool, lined) skirts I had tailored at Le Couturier in Central Square, Cambridge.

I brought the skirts in frumpy/oversized and brought them home professional/elegant.
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