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ISO works of fiction about disco/techno/dance music!

I want to read some interesting novels/stories that are about (or at least have decent portions devoted to) disco, techno, house music, clubbing, and/or DJ culture. There's great non-fiction writing about this stuff. What about good fiction?
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Best answer: Jeff Noon - Needle in the Groove
China MiƩville - King Rat
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It's a film (but still a work of fiction): "It's All Gone Pete Tong".
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Best answer: Douglas Rushkoff's Ecstasy Club isn't his best book, but it's a nice slice of life from rave culture around the turn of the 21st century.

it's non fiction but Last Night a DJ Saved My Live has some neat stories about club culture in the 90s. It does appear that there's a novel as well, but this appears to be some variant on the 'shopping-and-fucking' genre of girl fiction.
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Best answer: Party Monster
Generation Ecstasy

I'm guessing you've already read those since you mentioned great non-fiction, but I'm really just dropping them in here for reference.
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Best answer: Irvine Welsh has a bunch. Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance is your best bet (especially the final novella).
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome. A few of these sound familiar but I'd never have been able to come up with them without asking. Please keep 'em coming!
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Phonogram the Singles Club - a graphic novel about clubbing
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Blue Bloods by by Melissa de la Cruz (IIRC) has some decent plot development in and around clubs. (But that's not at all what the book is about, so I don't know if that's what you're interested in or not.)
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