Where can I buy orange marshmallow
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Where can I buy orange marshmallows for s'mores?

I've an upcoming event, where the theme is "orange". I'm making s'mores and would love to use orange marshmallows. I've seen pink/strawberry full sized 'mallows, and have seen multi-colored mini-marshmallows, so I know there are other colors than white.

While I've seen recipes online, I really don't want to make home made marshmallows, however I would be willing to try dying white ones if there is a full-proof way to do so. I'm willing to buy online, out of state, etc.
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Could you reasonably use circus peanuts? They are orange and marshmallowy, but only appeal to a small segment of the population.
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I don't know if they're supposed to be consumed by humans but I have seen a type of fishing bait that is flourescently colored miniature marshmallows.

Also, frequently at Halloween there are orange marshmallow thingies in the stores.
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...there are also orange Peeps. You could behead them if you don't want them to look like bunnies (but then you'd have to behead dozens of bunnies. Your call).
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Easter should be hitting the stores tomorrow. Keep your eyes open.
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You could make your own sanding sugar, and adhere that to the marshmallows (get your mallows a little melty first so that the sugar will stick better).
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Plush Puffs has a "gourmet" orange-honey marshmallow that you can order or might be able to find in a retail store. Don't know how orange they are, color-wise, but you might be able to call and ask.
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Do the multi-colored packs in your grocery store have orange as one of the colors? (Some brands do, some don't.) Because I'd hazard to guess that you could sort all the orange ones out of a couple bags of the multi-colored ones faster than you can track down and purchase all-orange ones.

If you're willing to spend a lot of money on them, there's these gourmet ones on Etsy:

Also, try the kosher aisle -- Paskesz has orange in their mini-marshmallow mix, I think.
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These are cheap and sort of orange. Might taste like crap, though.
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Whatever you do, use slices of chocolate orange instead of Hershey's. Please, please, please. Then send me some.
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Any local artisan candy shops in your neck of the woods? I bet you could special order a batch of orange marshmallows.
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You can dye marshmallows with food coloring, although it tends to dissolve the marshmallows a little, leaving them slightly misshapen and incredibly sticky. Since you're melting them on s'mores, though, it doesn't really matter.

This tutorial has you flattening the marshmallows first before painting them with food coloring, but you can paint them without flattening them. Fill up a small cup with lots of yellow & red food coloring and some water. Get a food brush (or a paint brush), paint the color over the marshmallow and leave to dry at least 15 minutes.

You can dye also dye marshmallows just like easter eggs. The painting method works best in my experience (even if you don't flatten them first), but you can just squeeze yellow & red food coloring into a bowl, top it off with water, and dunk your marshmallows in. Don't leave them in too long--just a quick dunk--or they'll completely dissolve. Leave them out on a rack or a plate to dry.
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Instead of painting with food color, you could use one of the aerosol food colorings. You'll want some way to flip them en masse so you can spray the other side (you could probably do this with two cookie sheets).
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Lots of good suggestions so far. The Toasted Coconut ones phunniemee look intersting but i don't know if people would like coconut in their s'mores.

The food-color/dyeing suggestions from crush-onastick and anaelith (and a mefi mail from troika) sound interesting. I'll have to experiment and report back.

And I've marked MadamM as best answer, not because of any marshmallow-related suggestions, but for suggestion of using chocolate orange. This I will do regardless of marshmallow.
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You can see a pic of the orange-honey plush puffs marshmallows here. Looks like a pale orange - nothing crayon-bright.
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You could also make your own marshmallows and color them.
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