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What is the name of this (old) reality TV show?

After watching Discovery Channel's "The Colony", I've been trying to remember the name of a show from the early 2000's/late 1990's. I think it aired on either Discovery or TLC, but can't be sure.

The premise was a number of experts (biologist, physicist, etc.), left on an abandoned island, which contained a disused complex of some sort. In addition to basic survival (food, water, shelter), they also had to complete a number of tasks each week. In the first episode these included preparing a natural mosquito repellent and pinpointing the location of their island in the world (which they did by constructing a radio from pots and pans and using the length of a sun dial's shadow at solar noon).
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Best answer: Rough Science?

Was a pretty neat show.
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Best answer: Rough Science?
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Response by poster: Looks like it. Thanks guys.
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