What are some nicely-designed podcast websites?
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What are some nicely-designed podcast websites?

I'm starting a podcast (I'll link to it from Projects once it has some traction, but it's basically me interviewing fun webnerds with kids). I'm trying to design the site for the show, and am looking for some inspiration, in the form of well-done sites for existing podcasts. I like the looks of 5by5, Radiolab, and Put This On.

Are there any other websites for podcasts that you can recommend?
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I like the 7DaySunday site because the content area is pretty well organized. The header area is a little obtuse, though.

I find the Robb Wolf podcast page to be excellent. Concise summaries, easy-to-access download links. No fluff.
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The Box. Might be too simple for your needs, but looks lovely.
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www.theskepticsguide.org is great.
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I like my own WordPress based podcast layout very much:


WordPress + PodPress is super easy to use and you can find many different themes to try out. Good luck with your show!

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The Rissington Podcast website is pretty slick -- resize your browser window and it adapts.
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