1Password/Lastpass confusion.
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I have severe 1Password/Lastpass confusion. Does one supercede the other or are they meant to be used concurrently, in an ideal situation? I'm confused whether they perform the same function or not. Please help me organize my stuff!

Right now for personal usage, I'm using SPB Wallet on Windows and iOS. For my web passwords, I'm using Firefox's built in manager.

I just discovered 1Password and Lastpass. Both sound like they do what I want. 1Password will store all my "wallet" and personal #'s without problem. Lastpass seems like it would be ideal to store web passwords and logins and the reviewers rave about it. SPB Wallet isn't easy to use and it's been nearly abandoned by it's creators, in all appearances.

However, 1Password also saves web passwords and logins. I'm confused on usage. Should I stick to just 1Password for my "wallet" stuff and use Lastpass for the other or both or what? Can someone with more experience in this area help me out with some advice?
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To add another level of complexity, I do also use Xmarks as a url backup/syncing tool between my machines.
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1Password for passwords, wallets, software serial numbers. It's designed to do all of that, and is actively supported. Oh, and don't forget 1Password's awesome password generation stuff. I may sound like an ad, but it was some of the best $40 I ever spent. I'm getting a copy for my parents soon.
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I haven't used Lastpass in a while, so I'm not up to date on its current features, but I've become a big fan of 1Password. I rarely spend money on software, but after a trying out the demo version for a while I happily plunked down the cash for the full version. I get updates to the software pretty frequently and it sounds like it'll do everything you need.
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1Password and LastPass both do similar things. I believe the best thing is to pick one of the two, then move all your passwords out of SPB Wallet and/or Firefox and in to 1Password or LastPass. IMHO Lastpass is better than 1Password on Windows. LastPass does work on the iOS but it's pretty awkward. My Mac friends all love 1Password for MacOS.
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Just use one, not both, it would be confusing otherwise. (I'm a 1password fan, though that's because I have a Mac and an iPhone.)
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I'm on a Win box, though I do run OSX in a VM. I tried the 1pass app in Windows and like it, and I love the ios version. Is there anything to take away from the 1pass app on windows versus mac? Also, is there an advantage to keep Xmarks running in the background regardless of which I choose, even if only as a backup or am I over thinking things?
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Let me also specify that I really need one to be able to handle all my other "wallet" stuff well.
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I'm not familiar with LastPass but I've been using 1Password for a while. I use it on my mac at home and windows at work. I love how it integrates with dropbox for sharing. Just point your 1Password files to be saved on a dropbox enabled folder and anything you change on one machine gets instantly synced on the other ones. It's great.

I use 1Password for all my web logins. The password generator is great for coming up with passwords so I don't have to repeat passwords all over. I also like the feature that saves credit card info - it comes in handy when filing online shopping forms. Just right-click and select fill credit card -> BankOfAmerica and it will fill all the usual cc info right on the form.

The application looks very nice on the mac, not so on windows but it's the functionality that won me over.
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I don't know LastPass at all; I know that 1Password is great for wallet, secure notes, and passwords on Mac, and I've heard it's very good on Windows as well. I don't knf any reason to use both.
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Oops. "I don't know of any reasons to use both." Stupid mouse.
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