How to design an indoor golfing
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What is the most affordable way to design an office miniature golf course? What reasonable obstacles or challenges would you build?

Our company is having a fund raiser by having each floor build a challenging hole. Each of the four hall ways are carpeted. Teams of three will put once around using best ball rules. Creative designs are a bonus.
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Giant paper-mache red Swingline stapler? Maybe one of those holes where the ball goes in on one end and the path splits into three inside, so you don't know where it comes out? You could use pvc pipe or even good sized cardboard tubes to make the tunnels for the golf balls.

If your office is anything like mine, anything involving a red Swingline is a surefire winner.
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You might try building "bumpers" (say out of stacks of books) that misdirect an errantly hit ball into a corner, or dead-end hallway, etc.

I would also get creative with elevation changes. Try to build some sort of ramp -- if the ball is not hit hard enough, it will come back at you, or if it's hit too hard, it will go too far (maybe past a turn, or into a cubicle, or something like that).

Try creating some sort of "hazard" off to a side, or in a corner. Maybe with shredded paper, or soda cans/bottles -- something that makes it hard to hit out of.
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I like the Swingline idea.
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Hotwheels tracks.
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