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I need some help compiling a list of resources for troubled teenagers, particularly teenaged boys. International (particularly the UK) resources are also required.

I sang some songs for a very famous video game and now, totally unexpectedly, have kind of a huge fan base of teenagers, particularly boys.

From time to time I get emails that are of a slightly more disturbing variety. This isn't too terribly surprising because the songs that I sang are of the slightly disturbing variety (think Marilyn Manson).

I know better than to interact directly with the kids that send me things like this. Obviously, I would love to get directly involved and help every one of them but it's not feasible and probably not safe. Sometimes I wish I could call one of these patron saints of dark music up and ask their advice on this, but... they are not in my phonebook.

I have a plan though. I would like to write something up explaining to this entire community that I really care about them and link them to some resources to help them through their darker times. I have no illusions that this is going to save anybody, but I feel like if there's a possibility it could help, it's worth doing.

What I need some help with is compiling a list of resources. I'm looking for helplines, organizations, phone numbers, things of that nature. Since the fan base is international (although almost universally based in the US and the UK), I'd love to get a varied list of resources if possible.

Your help (and advice) is so very deeply appreciated.
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Some UK resources:

Samaritans - telephone/email listening service
Childline - under 18's counselling service - information/resources/support for 16 - 25 year olds on just about anything.
Talk to Frank - advice/information/support about drugs (also have a text/phoneline)
Young Minds - Children/young people's mental health charity

Young Minds had a link to this site, which I've never heard of before, but I'm no longer their target audience, so maybe that's no bad thing: Get Connected
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Oh, and I forgot to say, many of those sites have links to other sources of help - particularly

Oh, oh and also NHS direct - for health advice.
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Oh, and one last thing (I promise!) these are all mostly 'offical' sites, so are fairly well publicised, and in theory UK teenagers probably already know about them (although I'm no longer a UK teenager so I can't say for certain). The difficultly might be in getting them to use them.

Someone who is more experienced in this area than me might be able to chip in with some wording you can use to stress that these resources are there to help them, and they shouldn't be concerned about reaching out for help.
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Thank you so much, Helga-woo!
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Since you don't mention it in your question, I'll link to this page in the MeFi wiki. But I agree that the biggest obstacle is getting people to use the resources, rather than just letting them know they exist.
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