Roses are red, violets are blue...
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Roses are red, violets are blue...where in Philly will deliver only two?

Valentine's Filter: I'm in the beginning of a new relationship with a great guy. We're taking things a bit slowly, as it's been awhile since either of us has been dating. Things are good; he's making me happier than I've been in a long while.

Now Valentine's Day is almost here, and I'm trying to figure out what I can do for him, since we're in different cities (Philadelphia/NYC). What I'd been thinking was having one or two roses delivered to him, but I've had no luck finding a place online that would do a small order like that. The large, $40+ arrangements that I see instead feel a little over the top at this point (and to be honest, would be a stretch for my tiny budget).

We have mutual friends in NYC, and I've been informed that one of them will have something for me on his behalf on Monday.. but unfortunately there's no corresponding friends in Philly that I could use for the same purpose.

So, mefites, does anyone in Philadelphia know of a local flower shop that would do a simple delivery like what I mentioned? It would be to a center city address, near Thomas Jefferson University, if that makes a difference. Or, barring flowers, I'm open to other ideas.. mainly looking for something simple and sweet that would make his day.
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How about just putting a valentine in the mail? It's a little old fashioned but an inexpensive (and sweet, I think) way of saying "I'm thinking about you". Mail it today and it should be there by Monday (I think).
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I have bought a rose, attached a little water reservoir gadget, and mailed it in a shipping tube. Either it arrived intact, or the recipient fibbed. Flower shops are incredibly busy for VDay, and your request can't be a high priority for them. Send a handmade valentine and chocolate.
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Getting flowers delivered on-time for Valentine's day is a huge unreliable crapshoot even when you're paying $100 for a huge arrangement.

I don't know you, or your guy, or your (budding) relationship. But as a rule, a USPS-delivered handmade valentine, or a well-chosen jokey kiddie type (childhood cartoon reference?) would absolutely be simple, sweet, and day-making.
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Maybe you can use Metafilter Jobs to find someone in Philly who'd deliver two flowers for you?
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theora55, that's such a cute idea! Did you just get the water reservoir gadget at a flower shop?
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I've gotten those gagdets at chain craft stores like Joannes Fabric, Michael's, AC Moore. I have also sent flowers in long rectangular boxes. NYC to philly should take liek a day.
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You can get the water tubes from a florist, sure. They'll look like this.

You might also find them at a big craft store like Michael's/ JoAnn Fabrics/ Hobby Mart. Look in the floral or bridal sections (the tubes are often used for boutonnieres or bouquets.)
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Thanks all! Looks like the Michael's here in the city doesn't have any, so I'll have to go stalk a flower shop.
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you could also hire a courier to purchase two flowers and deliver them
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Kattiara17, did the roses arrive okay?
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