Different Pregnancy is Different. This Different?
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This pregnancy is so different from the last one, and I feel weird.

Maybe it's because it's still unexpected, but.... first of all, there has been nausea here and there, sometimes bad, sometimes none, mostly mild. I have thrown up only once. Last time there was constant nausea and I threw up twice a day regularly for nearly 8 weeks.

Second of all, I am hungry.all.the.time. In all seriousness, I eat nearly full meals every 90 minutes or so (yes, primarily healthy, often high in protein). I know I'm supposed to add more in the second and third trimester, but I'm barely two months pregnant!!!

Third, last time my clothes fit until I was nearly five months along. I need to buy a new wardrobe already.

Fourth, I feel....strange. Not necessarily as though there's anything wrong (dating ultrasound last week showed everything to be fine), but more....disbelieving. It's weird, and I can't quite pinpoint what is weird nor shake it off.

I have my first prenatal soon and will of course be discussing all of this with my midwife. In the meantime, are different pregnancies really this different? Is my body more prepared for the massive hormonal shifts? Or, well, what?
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I remember calling my doctor in a panic because everything was so different with my second pregnancy.
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They are often extremely different (based on my experience and that of my friends). And get ready to be shocked at how different your kids might turn out! Often in a good way! Hang in there and good luck.
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There are so many factors that go into how you experience a pregnancy. For most people I've talked to, each pregnancy is indeed very different. There are details that seem missing, "I.e are there emotional issues going on in your life that are different than the first?" that would probably be better to explore with your midwife, although in saying that there's nothing wrong with talking about it elsewhere. I just don't think we can really answer this for you.

"normal" isn't really what you're asking, it sounds like what you mean is, "Is there something that isn't right here?"

It sounds to me like you're feeling emotional and hormonal which is all normal, but you may be lacking in support? Unexpected pregnancy can bring up a lot of emotions and that is "normal". But it sounds like you could use some support in your emotions right now.

Therapists are good for that, but people in your life are good for that too. Do you have good friends, a supportive partner? Sometimes hormones just make us feel funny and want to eat everything. But do talk to your midwife about it!
(I don't know you, but I'm here LOL, you're welcome to e-mail me just to chat!)
: )
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Having never been pregnant (wrong equipment) but living through two with my wife, this is exactly what she went through. Bigger bump earlier, less morning sickness, more cravings, you name it.

Just remember there is no 'normal' pregnancy, every single one is different. I doubt you have anything to worry about.
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Different pregnancies are different, but don't assume you can read anything in to that. My second was vastly different than my first pregnancy that resulted in a girl. So when the third pregnancy mirrored the second we thought we we having another boy. Nope.
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Third, last time my clothes fit until I was nearly five months along. I need to buy a new wardrobe already.

is totally and completely normal, in my experience and in the experience of friends who have had multiple pregnancies. My mother-of-four friend jokes that by the third pregnancy, she could tell she was expecting before the test was even positive because she popped out of all of her clothes.

Talk to your midwife and I'm sure your fears will be put to rest.
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Yes, different pregnancies can be different.
*Changes in level of nausea - normal. I found earlier pregnancies more nausea-inducing than later ones.
*Showing earlier in this pregnancy than in previous - totally normal. Your body's more "stretched out" from the first pregnancy so subsequent pregnancies are likely to show much faster.
*Hungrier - normal. I remember being less hungry with earlier pregnancies, hungrier with later pregnancies. I think maybe it has to do with depletion of resources in your body from previous pregnancies or something. Or simply getting older.

Feeling strange is normal, but talk about it with your midwife anyway. I do think you get a spidey-sense when you're pregnant (I've guessed boy or girl correctly every time, well before ultrasound proof), but on the other hand, if anecdotes help - when I lost a pregnancy, I had no idea anything was wrong until I found out the pregnancy had ended. Two other pregnancies, I definitely felt weird like maybe it was twins or something was up, but everything was totally normal. So. Get all the tests you're offered for peace of mind, if you want, and you basically have to let go and - well, pregnancy is a risk and having a baby is a risk, so it's kind of a leap of faith, isn't it? Hang in there!
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Normal, I think. My first pregnancy I was superhuman and felt great all the time -- totally up. My second pregnancy I was exhausted, constant sinus infections, sick to my stomach, crying. The moment both kids were born I felt completely normal. With number one I was bummed to not feel like an earth mother goddess anymore. On the other hand, with number two I stopped sneezing the second he came out the birth canal. Weird pregnancy is weird.
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The way I heard this described is that women are equipped to be pregnant and give birth. That is, continually equipped from puberty through to menopause (most women don't ordinarily do this, but constrain the output to one, two or three children).
So, the first time around, your body, naturally, undergoes a huge physical change to accommodate. In consecutive pregnancies your body has learned or adapted to the process and more readily changes to suit. If you were to have a third down the line the experience would more likely be similar to your second pregnancy rather than the first, etc.
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"Third, last time my clothes fit until I was nearly five months along. I need to buy a new wardrobe already."

It would be weirder if this DIDN'T happen with your second pregnancy. Five months is pretty normal for getting by with a first pregnancy; with a second, not many women make it past 3 months before busting out the maternity clothes. I swear I was uncomfortably tight in my pants at 8 weeks with this one (second) and was just DYING to get to 12 weeks and announce it already so I could break out the comfy pants.

My mom had four, all very different. This is my second and while some things are exactly the same (my fingers are like cocktail weenies! I throw up constantly!) other things are very very different (carrying differently, bump showing way earlier, less round ligament pain, more peeing, etc.).
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The rapid weight gain and hunger could be signs of pregnancy-induced diabetes. Call your doctor's office and discuss. Part of what you get when you have a regular doctor, especially an obstetrician, is the ability to call and get questions reviewed and answered.
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