How can I make a skin blemish fade faster?
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I had a staph infection – and though it has healed, it has left a dark spot. Unfortunately, that spot happens to be under my eye. I would like to talk to a professional about making this fade as quickly as possible. Would a dermatologist be the best person to see about this? If so, can you recommend a good dermatologist in Austin (Google Groups didn’t return any current/pertinent results)?

I keep getting asked if I was recently in a fight / punched in the face and it is insanely annoying. Technically, the “dark spot” is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. “Pigmented areas will fade unassisted, though they can take up to 2 years to disappear.” I would like to see if I can do anything to shorten that time period other than “avoid sun exposure.” / Thanks.
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I would think that a dermatologist is your best bet, but have no recommendations for you in Austin. The American Academy of Dermatologists website has a search feature and bios on some of the doctors.
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Yes, see a dermatologist. There are a lot of quack skin remedies out there, many of which contain caustic substances that could cause worse problems.

No idea about a doc, but the AAD search caddis linked to is a good start.
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There are a lot of quack skin remedies out there, many of which contain caustic substances that could cause worse problems.

To re-iterate: this is important, & be especially careful since it is close to your eye. Eyes are delicate, and sighted people rely heavily on their vision.
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I have hyperpigmentation on my nose from a bad sunburn. I got my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist, which is the only way to make a dermatology appointment in Alberta, and the dermatologist sprayed my nose with liquid nitrogen (to initiate sloughing and regeneration of the skin) and gave me a prescription for some bleaching cream. It mostly worked - thanks for reminding me that I need to go back.
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Alpha-hydroxy acids (which glycolic acid is one) should help speed up the dissapation of the discolouration. It can be found in higher-end facial products that are marketed for "acne-prone skin." 8% is about right, but the higher the better.
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My father was a dermatologist. My mother had a pigmented area on her nose. On his advice, she used a thin layer of pancake makeup to cover it up. Anything near your eyes is too dangerous to operate on (although there are new laser instruments that heat and vaporize the dark material).

I'd try the makeup for a couple of months to see whether the mark fades.
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My mom swears by plain aloe vera gel for wrinkles, spots, blemishes, and just about everything else.
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