Good places to study at odd hours?
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Best study spots, particularly late-night, in and around Chicago?

Pretty self explanatory . . . I like to get out of my apartment to study, but unfortunately I tend to be most productive from about 8pm until the early morning hours. Nearby Starbucks and Caribou are open til 10 on weekdays, so I'm looking for places I can go to later than that. I'm also near an IHOP and Denny's but they tend to draw a loud, strange crowd of people, plus the food sucks. Let's see . . . I'm also aware that there are a couple 24-hour Starbucks but not sure where they are or whether parking exists there.

I looked on Yelp but most of the info on 24-hour or late night places seems a couple years old or more. (I don't want to drive out somewhere to find that it's no longer in business or the hours have changed.) In general I'm pretty open to suggestion- restaurants are great, but I know some places have a limit to how long you can park it there (ie Clarkes I think has a 1- or 2-hour limit.) Actually, I like 24-hour/ late-night diners, but I know they tend to vary in how friendly they are to people camping out. (Of course, I do tip well, taking into account how long I've been there, even if I don't buy much.) So any that you can vouch for personally, would be good. Coffee shops are great. Anyplace with parking is great. (I can take the el, but late at night, ehh . . .) I like places with food/ drinks but if you happen to know a great library that doesn't require you to be a student there, I'm game for that too. Suggestions anywhere within city limits, or the suburbs too, are welcome. In fact, even if you just happen to know an excellent study spot that isn't open late, throw it out there, as I do occasionally crack the books before 8pm. WiFi is useful but not necessary.

I think that's about it. Thanks!
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One of the 24-hour Starbucks (Starbuckses?) is at Piper's Alley at North and Wells.
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...and I'm a big fan of the Wormhole which apparently stays open until midnight, though I imagine it must get pretty crowded. Great coffee, frequently very nice vegan baked goods.
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I often go to do work at the DePaul library. During exam weeks (like right now) they are open until 2:00am. There is no wi-fi unless you are a student, which actually helps me work, but obviously might hinder others. But being an academic library it's quiet and distractionless.
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The Goat is open till 2am. Just don't go on the first Wednesday of the month. (Or do! But don't intend to study.)
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Kafein in Evanston is open until 1am Sunday-Thursday & 2am the rest of the week, if I'm not mistaken. There's street parking right outside which isn't metered after 9. Avoid Mondays if loud & crowded open mic night isn't your thing.
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The Pick Me Up Cafe in Wrigleyville is great.
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seconding The Wormhole. Weird, but delicious coffee and pastries, good music, and open late. I go here to study at least twice a week!
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The Whistler On Devon Ave. between McCormick and Lincoln (technically it's in Lincolnwood, but Chicago is literally across the street) is open 24 hours and has wifi. And really good food.
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(Clarification: That would be The Whistler diner, not The Whistler bar. Obviously.)
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Winston's Cafe at Clark and Argyle is a good choice. It's open until 1am, has Metropolis coffee, and is quiet but not too quiet.
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