Music Filter : was it a real song?
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Please help me find this song! I was in Cosco the other day and a video was playing in the electronics section. I was sure the name of the song was Naomi. It matters that as I was at Cosco when I heard this as it was on their in-house video channel.

I was sure the name of the song was Naomi but no amount of internet searching is getting me any closer. The song had a Brit pop sound to it, and the pretty blond girl in the video had a cute pixie cut. For a portion of the video the 4 (maybe 5) band members stood around playing in suits I think.. floppy hair with an obvious play at a Beatles feel.

So..this may not be a real band, what with being the in-house channel for Costco, but the music sounded pretty authentic with no obvious advertising.

So... anyone else been through the store lately and seen that video?
What was the title or band, was it even a real song or just a ringer?
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Naomi by Neutral Milk Hotel?
posted by amyms at 2:28 PM on February 8, 2011

Although I do like it a great deal, that's not it unfortunately. The one I heard was a bit more up tempo and the name Naomi was repeated more often throughout the song.
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If you really want to track it down, Costco's in-store media content is provided by Premier Retail Networks (you could try contacting them and asking). PRN has a partnership with VH1, so I'm guessing the song you heard is probably commercially available somewhere. Do you remember any of the other lyrics?
posted by amyms at 5:45 PM on February 8, 2011

Thanks amyms..that gives me a new direction to look.. I wish I could remember some of the other lyrics. I was being rushed out of that section to look at something or other lol. I'll keep digging..
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