Costume Ideas for Emma Peel from The Avengers?
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I'm helping a friend with an undergraduate film school remake of The Avengers. I've been cast as Miss Peel, and I'm searching for the perfect costume to fit the character. Unfortunately, my school is in the middle of nowhere - shopping in person isn't really an option. Any thoughts for how I can assemble or where I might find a hip 1960s-looking catsuit on the internet? Thanks!
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Well, first off, that's Mrs. Peel to you. As in, "Mrs. Peel, we are needed." Second, while a catsuit would be a good wardrobe piece for Mrs. Peel, I don't think that it is necessary-- to pull this off, you have to look effortless and sleek. Skinny jeans and a graphic jumper might be all you really need, clothing-wise. However, I am of the opinion that the thing that really defines Mrs. Peel is her hair. Look back at pictures of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel: her hair has volume, and then it swoops down smoothly under her chin. Look at the 1967 credits for the show, too. I don't think that there is any catsuit that would put you more into the part than some hot rollers and the ability to back comb.
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eBay! Decide on an outfit you like best, and put it together by carefully shopping on ebay.
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hair + catsuit + boots = mrs peel. i picked up an awesome black vinyl catsuit off of ebay for halloween last year that i turned into a baroness (g.i. joe costume) but will be recycling for mrs peel and catwoman for years to come; it was new and pretty cheap. the big online costume stores also all have catsuits at varying prices.
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I think a black turtle neck and black leggings with boots would work as well. Agree with pickypicky that it's more the hair than anything. Plus the judo chop.
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For a costume party, I got a black latex-look catsuit from eBay. I think it was actually aimed at the fetish market, so try adding 'fetish' into your keywords if it won't come up. This works well if you don't easily fit into vintage clothing!
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