Votre salon préféré?
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Parisian mefites! Need your recommendations for good hair salons that speak English.

I'm here for a couple more days before I head off to other destinations where salons are non-existent and I could use your help to point me to some good salons that 1) speak English 2) are good at cutting Asian hair 3) not exorbitantly priced. I'd be up for a salon in the 13th or Belleville if you can recommend a trusted stylist, or almost anywhere else accessible by Metro. I just want some layering and a trim, but with my current short style, would prefer it not get butchered because I'll have to live with it for 2 months. $60-$80 Euros would be great, but willing to pay more for for a stylist I can easily communicate with - my French is beginner-level, not good enough for hair. Hope me!
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I had my hair cut in Paris when I was studying abroad (years ago -- can't remember the salon). I spoke very bad French and didn't know any hair lingo. But I brought in a picture and the stylist (who was very sweet and barely spoke any English) and I got by somehow. Unless you feel like you have very particular hair (mine's full and straight, not much to communicate about) or you want a dramatic change, I'd say just take the plunge! It was fun and a good memory. Find a salon that's supposed to be good in general and see what happens :)
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