Weird game from the past is nagging at me...
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Help me find this weird little game where you control the productivity of a creature working in a cubical at a science lab...

This strange little online game popped into my head yesterday. I think I ran across it in the early 2000s. It's a little animated game where you control a human-esque, green creature who works in an office cubicle. I think the goal was to manage this employee in a way that maximized his productivity, using rewards/punishments/etc.

It was a very odd game. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is it still around?
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Best answer: I think you might be thinking about metapet, which is (or was) a beautiful game, and I hope it's still functioning; here's the link:

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Response by poster: Oh, yay, that's it!! Thank you!
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Response by poster: Sad update: the game is down, as it currently lacks a server.

I emailed the creator, and she said she would put it back online if someone were willing to host and maintain it...but until then, it's down (and has been for a while, apparently). :(

Any takers? If so, you should email the creator (Natalie Bookchin) at :)
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