help me identify this British movie about elderly cannibals
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I saw the very end of this color movie on TV when I was in grade school in Illinois between '76 and '80. Now whenever the White Cliffs of Dover are referenced I think of elderly cannibal ladies.

I only saw the very end, where was a man being attacked by dogs in a greenhouse. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't quite right but the part I vividly remember was the denouement, where an old white lady looked out the window and sang "White Cliffs of Dover" while doing something that indicated that they ate the dude who was attacked by the dogs. Most of the movies on our local station were way older, but I'd guess it was from the late 60's, early 70's at the the latest.
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Maybe The Folks at Red Wolf Inn (there's an extensive description in that link, including this: Next we see the Inn and its surrounding, still kept up, still looking beautifully sinister. We hear someone singing "The White Cliffs of Dover"...). It's also known as Terror at Red Wolf Inn, and was re-released for television as Terror House.
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Response by poster: I think you're probably right. I'm going to order and see!
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