Part Time Job in Boston?
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I would like to pick up a second job. I've got a salaried 9-5 job and would like to earn some extra cash.. but I'm not sure where to look.

Ideally I would work a few nights a week, and I'm not opposed to working weekends. My day job is in Kendall Sq., Cambridge and I live in the South End, Boston. No car. Bike when it's warm. I'm not picky but would like to make as much money as possible.

The more specific your suggestions the better! Thanks.
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Do you have any employable skills? Can you freelance?
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I'm good with computers. I can write. I can juggle! I'm sure I could freelance but don't know where to look.
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Have you tried craigslist? There is a section specifically for "gigs" which usually entails one-time employment.
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Not looking for one-time employment, looking for part time job. Or maybe even types of part time jobs to pursue.
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Try with a staffing agency. I got part time work during college at a hotel desk (very slow, got paid to do my homework) on Saturday night and Sunday mornings. Meet with them and have them find a part time gig for you.
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Part-time evening work is usually available in the service sector: wait tables, tend bar, etc.
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If your SAT scores were exemplary, the Princeton Review and other SAT review rackets are usually looking for tutors. They train you on their method over a weekend, and then you hunt their listings for available classes/one-on-one jobs.

I liked it; the pay's fairly good, the kids are usually nice, and it's mostly two nights a week teaching and a few Saturday mornings to proctor tests (i.e., fiddling on your laptop while the students take the test).
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I would use craigslist to look for jobs affiliated with the local universities.
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Data entry?
Dish washing?
Food delivery?
Craigslist, staffing agency, pounding the pavement looking for help wanted signs... all places to start.
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I've had coworkers who (in slightly better times) worked retail, barista, TSA, and construction here in Boston. I did a fitness instructor gig. All tend to have early or late hours.

If your hours are flexible, afternoon childcare can also be lucrative.
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My boyfriend used to deliver pizzas at night, and that paid hourly, plus a stipend per delivery, plus tips. Pizza places almost always seem to be looking for drivers. Of course, you need a car.

I was also looking for a little something to supplement to my 9-5 income, and just last month I was hired by a pet care agency. They call me now and then for weekend pet-sitting- the availability of work is pretty erratic, but I don't mind because a) I'm not hurting for the money, just trying to save a little extra, and b) adorable pets!! I found their listing on Craigslist.
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It's not the best paying job, but working at a movie theater in the evenings can be fun. Plus, you'll get free movies, which saves money if you are a regular film-goer.
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Starbucks. You could barista on evenings and/or weekends.
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I understand that bartending, especially when you get busy Friday and Saturday night shifts, can be extremely lucrative.
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