Printing company recommendations for food packaging labels
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I'm looking to have a small run (a few hundred) of labels printed for a food package. This package is a frozen plastic bag with one flat side that has room for a sticker about 2 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches. We would like to get the labels printed and then hand apply them ourselves.

I was told that normally you would use a standard semigloss paper with lamination and freezer adhesive. But here is the trick: the food is heated by dropping the bags into your water pot. Is there such a thing as a label that sticks to the plastic but is then easily peeled off with just your fingers? I am not sure if there is a technical term that I could be searching for. This is a temporary solution for exploratory purposes, it will not be shipped in bulk or sorted by machines or stacked in a warehouse or any of those types of complications.

If this is possible are there any recommendations for printing companies?
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I'm not sure if this is feasible, but the first thing that occurred to me is a version of how some shipping labels are constructed... a main envelope, then a sort of flat plastic "pouch" that holds the actual shipping label affixed to the outside of it. The pouch is intended to prevent the label from being destroyed by weather/handling.

One other idea: refill packs of flushable moist wipes (Kandoo, etc) are usually sealed with a clear plastic decal-type thing that can be easily peeled off the OTHER plastic with fingers, then reattached. Not sure who makes 'em, but just wanted to let you know that such a thing DOES exist.
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Best answer: Many label printers have options for different types of adhesive levels for different surfaces. You want to ask for removable adhesive. There are lots of online printers that will print small digital runs, but it seems like the standard adhesive is a permanent one - it may be worth contacting them to see if they have adhesive options. Here are some that I found in a quick search:

I would also recommend the Lauterbach Group. They print larger flexo jobs, but also have digital options (your quantity may be too small). In my experience they are very helpful and put a lot of thought into the end use of the labels they print.
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I've used Maverick for standard paper labels and been pleased with the results.

For trickier/more custom jobs -- raised epoxy, foil tags, etc. -- I use Interstate Label. They're nice to work with and are good with challenges.
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You might consider an inner bag, sealed and ready to drop in boiling water, and then an outer bag which has your label on it. This would simplify your label requirements.
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Try this:

I just found their catalog and I am in love.
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