Long Lost Children's Book
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Children'sLitFilter: I am looking for the title of a long ago read children's book that is sort of "Alice in Wonderland"-esque. It involves a little girl going into a fantasy world, but instead of going through the looking glass, she goes into a snow globe.

This is not a picture book - it was a mid-length age 9+ book. I read it in the early '80's. I wish I remembered more...
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Did the girl go into the past and meet her own mother who was a child at the time?
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Involving a sleigh ride on a horse-drawn sleigh? Set at christmas?
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Response by poster: I think it might have been set at Christmas. I don't think there was anything about her mother, although it is deep in the dark corners of my mind, so I could be wrong. (I know it ISN'T any of the Narnia books, although I think those have something about snow and sleigh rides in them.)
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i got an answer to my question like this here. cost = 2 bucks to submit, but it's also fun to just read the current requests.
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