How to sell/recycle a used computer?
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How do I easily rid myself of a busted Powerbook and still make a little bit of money back?

I've got a 15" G4 Powerbook sitting around unused/broken (bad logic board is what I'm told). I'd like to sell it and get a little of my investment back without going to the trouble of fixing it or selling individual parts. Recently, I heard of a company that you mail the computer to and they examine it and give you a purchase price quote. If you're satisfied with the price, they cut you a check and you're done. If you're unhappy with the quote, they mail it back to you. At least I think that's how it worked, maybe slightly different. Anyway, I've googled until I can't see straight and searched the Meta archives to no avail. Any suggestions would be welcomed and I apologize if this has been covered somewhere that I'm missing. Thanks!!
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These people might buy it from your for parts.

I doubt it though, because it's a PPC mac, which is incredibly obsolete and nobody wants them. A laptop computer is not an investment and one that's 7 years old is not really worth anything.
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Oops, looked up the dates when *PowerMac* G4s were produced, rather than *PowerBook* G4. Yours might be only 5 years old, not 7, but the point still stands.
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I haven't used them, but perhaps is the site you're looking for? I bookmarked it off the green to use for selling an old iPhone and ended up doing something else.
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I'm not looking to get much for it but anything beats just tossing it in an electronics recycling bin.
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Put it up on your local CraigsList for $50 and see if anyone takes you up. Beware of scammers, laptops seem to attract them like flies.
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Recently, I heard of a company that you mail the computer to and they examine it and give you a purchase price quote.

Wait, what: After you mail them the computer, then they tell you what it's worth? That doesn't sound any different than all these cash-for-gold scams.

Just pull the hard drive and put the rest of it up on Craigslist, saying it's a parts machine.
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That's not quite how Gazelle works. They give you a quote based on your stated condition, then send you a post-paid box. You send them the electronics, they'll verify the condition, then send you a check. They'll wipe the hard drive, etc.

They're a pretty good company if you don't want to deal with the hassle of selling something yourself.
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I thought about craigslist but dealing with scammers and flakes seemed like more hassle than than it's worth which is why companies like Gazelle seemed like the better solution...they seem to pay you for it, no questions asked (or at least minimum questions asked before ultimately taking it).

Thanks everybody!
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Have you checked how much Gazelle would offer yet? I tried Gazelle before immlass posted the link, put in 15" G4 powerbook, and they said they couldn't make an offer for it. I guessed at your exact model so you may have better luck.
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Put it on Craigslist and you can sell it for $50-100 easily.
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Sell it on craigslist. Scammers/flakes are not that common. I recently unloaded an old semi-broken laptop on there myself.
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How's the battery? If it still holds a charge, put it on eBay alone. With a dead logic board, the rest is pretty useless.
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If it has an AirPort wireless card, you could make a chunk of change from that piece alone. But the top and bottom case pieces will also fetch a good price. You might check out eBay to get a feel for the market on these bits and pieces--you might make some money from 20 minutes of work with a jeweler's screwdriver.
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Apple has a program where you can return old hardware in exchange for an Apple gift card if that seems interesting. There's a page on their site where you can enter the specs and condition of your computer and it will estimate a value for you - this applies to Macs and PCs. On their site look for the recycling link.
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