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What would be the American equivalent of SFX Magazine? What would be the major sources of science fiction and other genre media news, online and off, in the united states?
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Locus is the trade mag of SF/F/horror here in the U.S.
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Response by poster: I'm mostly looking for something a little less trade orientated and for a more general audience - does such a thing exist?
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All the genre fans I know are big followers of io9 and tor.com.
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I'd say sfsignal.com, but I see you've posted about that one to the blue.

We're flattered and all, dude, but we haven't heard of any science fiction sites you haven't. It's like JHarris asking for Nethack sites or something.
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Response by poster: Yeah, TBH Blogs are unlikely to be a blind spot of mine (though it's helpful to know which ones people actually visit) - I'm sure it's possible that there are a few influential ones that are off my radar out there though. Podcasts and other web based media are of interest too, though my main interest was print, which weirdly seems to be a bot of a bust (a trip to the local Borders showed only UK magazines and an in house thing by SyFy).
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Artw: If you're looking for the zine of record for written SF, Locus really is it, full stop. It's not really a trade mag in the sense we would usually mean it. It was a fanzine (and won a ton of Best Fanzine Hugos) and then when the Best Semiprozine category was created in 1984 Locus won it so many times in a row that I just refer to the category as the "Best Locus" Hugo.

If you're looking for visual media, sorry can't help.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it's weird - it seems like the SFX style magazine is a market segement that doesn't really exist here, with the possible exception of Sci Fi Magazine, which is a Sy Fy in house thing.
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