Paris Cat Bar
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In December 2002 I went to Paris and found a really strange, ramshackle little bar. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

The problem is my memory is hazy about where it was. We came out of the Metro near a bridge over the Seine, and there was a large, dark grey, elaborate but institutional looking building on one side of the road - looked like a Ministry or a national library. We ended up on a side street off the left hand side of the river.

It was on a street that had several bars/cafes on there, and it was called Bar Des Amis or Bar D'Amis. Googling doesn't help here! The bar looked like a junk shop on the inside - the walls were covered with pasted on scraps of paper, several of which were pictures of cats, and random knick-knacks and pots were scattered around everywhere. The cats are what stuck in my mind - it looked like a child had been let loose with cuttings and wallpaper paste.

I realise this is a long shot, but did I dream this place?
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I tried searching for dive bars in Paris and came up with Au rendez-vous des amis that might be it, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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Would it help narrow it down if you go on and find the bridge and metro stop, then use the satellite to see if you recognize the industrial building, then search for "bar"?
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Is it Bar Brasserie Les Amis?
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Sorry, I meant the second link on that page, Bistrot des Amis.
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This place used to be "Le café des amis". It's near a bridge, but on the canal St-Martin, not the Seine. And no trace of a big dark government building.
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Was the government building "contemporary" or 19th century?
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From the description (but not the name) it reminds me of Le Piano Vache on rue Laplace (which has several bars on it). You might have got off the Metro at St Michel, which is by the river and near lots of university buildings.
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