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I'm planning to draw a picture of Sterling Hayden everyday for the next month so I want to watch as many of his films as possible. I've seen Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather, The Long Goodbye, The Killing, and Asphalt Jungle. What are some other great Sterling Hayden performances?
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Courtesy of IMDB - all of his films, ranked by user-rating. The top 30 or so should keep you busy for a awhile.
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Best answer: ...oh, and...nice! Zero Hour was the (played 100% straight) inspiration for Airplane!
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Best answer: Hayden is one of my faves.
Check out his mug on the cover of his wonderful book The Wanderer

Wiki filmography
Johnny Guitar is a classic.

But I appreciate you wanting to draw from 'live' action. You might want to do a google images search as well.
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He was Sir Gawain in Prince Valiant, though that movie still scares me a little.
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How about King of the Gypsies or Winter Kills? They were just after the Godfather era I think.
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Best answer: He has a magnificent, though small (one scene) part in Winter Kills, with Jeff Bridges.
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9 to 5. Cause he ain't the kinda boy that takes no for an answer.
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Actor turned OSS Marine--Private Sterling Hayden as a Marine Boot, Parris Island.
(not 'Full Metal Jacke't but it has a picture. Good luck and do show it off, sounds cool.

"The Long Goodbye" should have some nice Hayden beach shots.
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Response by poster: Thanks for recommendations. Here's the first pic's .
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Response by poster: *pic
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