A better iPad audio scrubber?
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I'm trying to find an ipad app that'll allow me to replay small, short sentences from a recorded screenplay.

I'm working on a storyboard and need to examine the inflection of different lines on a prerecorded, 10 minute dialogue track. I've tried iTunes and the native player in my dropbox player but find that the "sound bar" contoller is too short to get the control I need to re-find the beginnings of sentences I'm examining. I've used QuickTime on my laptop because I can stretch the play window out the full length of the screen and this make it a lot easier. I mostly need to repeatedly rewind 5 seconds or so (not more) without accidentally losing my place

Ideally, it would be great to see a section of the sound file waveform but an accurate, short rewind is the real thing I'm after and not a fine editing tool. Ive found the app store is a bit like the Canadian netflix browser -kind of opaque and it suggests a lot of junk.
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Could you rerecord the clip in Soundpaper and transcribe in waypoints that you could easily jump back to? This is pretty kludgey, but it might work for your purposes.
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I use this applescript in iTunes to jump back ten seconds. It is easy to modify to any interval you want - change "10" to "5" for example.

tell application "iTunes"
if player state is playing then
--get the current track time:
set currTime to get player position
if currTime < 10 then
--go to start of the track:
set currSkip to 0
--otherwise, skip backwards
set currSkip to currTime - 10
end if

set player position to currSkip --skip to new position
end if

end tell
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I'd second painquale's recommendation of SoundPaper, now SoundNote. (Disclaimer: I'm the developer.) No audio import yet, but you could probably rerecord from your computer.
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Unfortunately it seems the iPad OS doesn't allow for an applescript solution.

I did download SoundNote and while I've only had a chance to try a few minutes of rerecording from the computer, it seems to be a great idea. I'll mark it as correct after I've tried it out for reals. Thanks!
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It turned out that the best suited app was Pocket WavePad. It allows you to scroll through and zoom in on the waveform in a timeline and select segments that you can play over and over without having to re-cue each time.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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