What are the digital not-clocks on the Budapest Metro all about?
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On the Budapest Metro there are signs hanging from the ceiling that show train times - they have analogue clocks at one end and, at the other end, a digital display counting upwards, apparently in minutes. They're not minutes past the hour and they're not minutes since the last train arrived, so what the devil are they for?
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Best answer: They do seem to be Previous Departure Indicators.
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Response by poster: Thanks benzo8 - so they do. I'm still faintly suspicious, as if they do indicate previous departures, they're either spectacularly innacurate or referring to departures from points other than the station in question - the station I left before asking the question was showing 12 minutes and some seconds on the display, even though I'd just missed a train, and only waited three minutes for the next one (and the time between stations seem to be a couple of minutes, max.)
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Maybe that was a local train and it's only tracking super express trains. Could that be it? Sometimes I have to calculate whether it would be faster to take the next sub-express or wait for the super express.
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Previous departure indicators? Why would you want to know when the last train left? Isn't it enough to know that you missed it?
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If the last train left 10 minutes ago, then you have a good chance of the next train being very soon. It's a very handy thing to know. It'd be better to know when the next train is coming, but that's harder to implement.
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They measure the time since the arrival of the last train. Yes, they are innacurate sometimes. Yes, welcome to Hungary. You're lucky the metro comes every 10-minutes (to an hour or so).
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