Out of Production Jeans!?
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How can I find more pairs of my seemingly out of production favorite jeans!?

So I found out that my favorite free pair of black jeans were women's style after 2 years. That spandex is so comfortable, lucky gals you! I would love to buy more pairs, but my searching has done nothing for me. They don't seem to be at stores or online (I suppose since they are Limited Edition they were really on a limited production run?)

If anyone could suggest where to start on the internet or stores that might be selling it, holla!

A tag on the inside back of the jeans has "Limited Edition" and GAP 1969 in red and black respectively. A laurel with a thread and needle within surrounds the 1969 GAP Jeans

Info from the tag (I even tried searching for the random production numbers!):
GAP 1969 Limited Edition
98% cotton, 2% spandex elastane

RN54023 CA 17897

VND 305753
HOL 07
COMT 595491
Size 6
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Did you check ebay?
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but have you looked at cloning services? There are several places on-line that will take your old jeans by mail and attempt to reproduce them. If it was indeed a limited run, this may be the only option open to you.
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Seconding eBay. I bought gently-used Levi 517s for a few years after they stopped making women's jeans in that style.
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nth eBay, I buy most of my jeans there
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Did you call or e-mail GAP directly yet? I did that once with a favorite pair of Levi's and they were able to give me a TON of information about the jeans -- how long they'd been on sale, what regions they were carried in, where I could buy them within 20 miles of my house (still in production in that case), what other jeans were similar in cut and styling, what colors they were available in, etc.

If they're not in production, obviously GAP can't tell you where to acquire a pair, but knowing where and when they were produced might help in your secondhand market search ... and if they have repurposed that cut or carry non-limited jeans similar to them, that may help you find a similar pair that turns out as beloved.
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Best answer: They don't seem to be at stores or online (I suppose since they are Limited Edition they were really on a limited production run?)

Yes. My favorite pair when I started university (years and years ago) were GAP Limited Edition jeans and when they wore out I simply couldn't find another pair to buy. GAP told me LE are only available for a few months, full stop; the same style in non-LE was not made with the same fabric and the cut was noticeably different.

I absolutely lucked out in finding the exact same LE style (in my current size!) in a thrift store eight years later (not to mention the original pair was $60 and the pair I found was $4). So keep your eyes peeled on eBay and in thrift stores.
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