Need to get rid of some bedding
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How could I get rid of some duvets?

I have two or three, almost new. (If it matters, they're plain white polyester, machine washable). I don't need them and want to clear up some space.

Options I'm considering:

a) donation, but some donation places I've looked into specify they don't want bedding.

b) selling them, but would anyone want to buy them?

c) I could just throw them out, but would prefer not.

d) I suppose I could also use the social media to see if people I know could use them.

Thoughts? Ideas? (Preferably nothing TOO inconvenient).

(I also live in LA so I have access to pretty much anything).
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I've never seen any donation places that won't take bedding, but most Animal Rescue places will gladly take them.
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People generally don't want to take bedding because of concerns about bedbugs.
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Seconding animal rescue operations. Donation places in most large US cities aren't taking bedding right now because of ye olde bedbugs.
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Definitely animal services. From LA Animal Services website "Our animal care centers always need blankets, newspaper, and other items." Here's a list of their shelter locations, clicking on the name in the left hand nav brings up each shelter's wish list (example).

They also appreciate towels, if any of those turn up while cleaning out the linen closet.
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If they're in good condition then Freecycle will get them to a human who wants/needs them, rather than animals which would be as comfortable in less-good bedding.

Craigslist is also good for passing stuff on at low cost or free.
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Clarification question - are you getting rid of duvets (the actual comforters) or duvet covers? I think the answers you'll get will probably be the same for both, but just wanted to double check.
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Ditto freecycle and animal shelters.
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Vet offices, too.
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Nthing Animal shelters, especially LA Animal Services. That place is so underfunded it's ridiculous.
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Nthing animal shelters. They'll take any old blankets, towels, etc. to use for bedding for pets and other purposes.
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Response by poster: @echo0720...actual duvets, not covers.

These are all great suggestions, guys. Thanks!
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Definitely ask your friends and family.

I had a down mattress-topper that I was trying and trying to sell on Craigslist. I complained about it to my mom and she said "Oh, I've been thinking of buying one of those!" So I "sold" it to her for like $20.

It's not like we're talking about washcloths -- down comforters are expensive items that are supposed to last decades. They should be passed around/handed down.
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Our SPCA takes towels and sheets as well as blankets and duvets -- even just pieces of fabric -- because they get through so much bedding for the animals. (I worked with shy, feral cats, who often got to have chair-and-sheet forts built for them to hide in. Fun!)
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