Where is the best tiramisu in Vancouver?
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Vancouverites, where is the best tiramisu in the city?

My partner LOVES tiramisu, and I want to get him one for Valentine's Day. He especially likes really boozy tiramisu (who doesn't?).

So has anyone come across spectacular tiramisu in Vancouver (or the Lower Mainland for that matter)? I'd prefer a take-out option, but am willing to consider a sit-down place if it is worth it. A data point: the tiramisu from Stuart's Bakery on Granville Island has been tried and deemed unworthy. I have also made tiramisu from scratch (last Valentine's Day) and it was deemed.....very sweet of me to attempt.

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Ganache serves good tiramisu, but it falls just short of spectacular. Probably best as a backup plan. Avoid Death By Chocolate at all costs, but you probably already knew that.
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This is not a great answer, as I have not tried their Tiramisu, but I have very much enjoyed many other things at Sweet Revenge, and they do have Tiramisu...might be worth a try?
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You might want to try the tiramisu at Sciuve. It might suit your needs.

There's one on Pender near Pacific Centre, and there is another in the Roundhouse area, right near the Coast Capital Savings in Yaletown.
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The tiramisu from La Rocca is very good, though it's not boozy. It is, however, made from scratch.

They've got a $23 three course menu on right now through March, except for Valentine's Day, of course.
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Can't help you with restaurants, but if you're interested in trying another recipe yourself, I have one that was taught to me by a fair-dinkum cordon bleu chef, who reckons it's never failed him - even with hardcore Italian foodies. It's certainly never failed me, and it takes only 20 minutes to make, including the time it takes to brew the coffee. Do you have a throwaway email address?
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In fact here's the recipe. Coz it needs to be shared. (warning: self-link)

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I totally forgot about Sciuve, even though I've eaten there many many times, so thanks for the reminder seawallrunner! I think that's where I'll go, since their other food is delicious. I had Ganache on my possibilities list, so thanks for the review, ripley_. It will be my backup plan.

And if I attempt tiramisu again myself, I will definitely try your recipe tabubilgirl, thanks!

Thanks for your help everybody!
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