Force Five / Shogun Warriors on DVD
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I remember a few early anime series in the 70s and 80s that were anglicized under the name Force Five ( They were separate series based on the Shogun Warrior toys (or maybe the other way around). I only saw them as movies (on the proto-cable outlet, WHT) which abridged the series: Starvengers, Grandizer, Gaking, Dangard Ace and Spaceketeers. All were giant robot anime, except for the last one. Anyone know when I could find the complete series or original movies, preferably on DVD.

Here are the opening sequences for the Force Five series:

This is the best lead I've found, but still seems to be a dead end:
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Aaah Force Five.

There are no domestic DVD releases for any of these series. Starvengers (Getter Robo G), had a dvd box set released in Japan a few years ago, but no english subtitles. Danguard ace will probably never see a DVD release due to Leiji Matsumoto disowning it. Ebay has VCD sets with engrish subtitles of these all the time.

You can find VHS of most of these series (and more) at CoolStuffVideos
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