What's Russian for "Metafilter?"
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What is Metafilter's equivalent in the non-English-speaking web?

I like Metafilter as it continually puts out a lot of well-researched, informative posts on great stories. But a recent discussion about how the rash of 'mysterious bird deaths' was a phenomenon restriced to the English-speaking world, made me think how localised the web is.

I want to know what stories are circulating on the other side of the lingual barrier, too small or complex to make it into the mainstream news.

Can anyone suggest good aggregators / bloggers for stories coming out of India, Russia, China, Africa, etc? Am happy to read robot-translations, but even better if there's content in English.
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Global Voices Online is a great place to start. All of the content is in English and translated by their bilingual editors, and they break everything down by countries / regions.

Also, they'll usually have links to blogs (English and not) that focus on that region / country in particular in either their articles or in their sidebar.
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Response by poster: Thanks, both are good suggestions
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