What is the name of this book?
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Bookfilter: A particular young adult novel about a girl meeting new people and not settling for first love (similar to "Forever"). Help me find it!

I read a book in high school that's relevant for a project I'm doing in a "resources for young adults" class. But I cannot remember the name of the book, or who wrote it.

Basic Plot: Sometime around her senior year of high school, a girl is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend. They've just recently lost their virginity to each other. Her boyfriend is going off to college (or something) and she is going away somewhere else. As she expands her horizons going to a new place and meeting new people, she meets a couple of really nice guys (I vaguely remember one of them being a photographer or something) and realizes that she and her boyfriend are not necessarily the only two people for each other in the world, and that "there are a lot of fish in the sea," etc.

Please help me remember what this book was called; it's driving me crazy. Thank you!
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Was the book current when you were in HS and if so, when was that?
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Could it be The Party's Over by Caroline B. Cooney?
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Sounds like the sort of book authored by Judy Blume or Norma Klein.
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Yes, it was a new or new-ish book at the time. I graduated high school in 2004.
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Not The Party's Over. It was modern, as sex-positive as YA gets, and generally pretty upbeat.
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This kind of reminds me of the Art & Coll books by Kate Cann -- they're part of a trilogy, but the series has kind of a similar plot to Forever.
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do you remember the cover at all?
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Although the plots don't exactly match, Laura Pederson's books Beginner's Luck and Heart's Desire talk about some of those various and sundry topics. Heart's Desire is really not nearly as good as Beginner's Luck, however.
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That sounds like it could be one of the Alice books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, though it's a bit younger than what you're describing. I'm not sure which one exactly, but that would be my guess -- the part about her boyfriend being more serious and college-bound fits, as well as the part about her becoming interested in new boys including a photographer.
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Could it be one of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books? The first was published in 2001.
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"It's ok if you don't love me" by Norma Klein?
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None of those.
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I keep thinking the cover has something to do with roads or road signs, but I could be completely off base.
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This was never actually resolved; I just clicked the wrong link. Oh well.
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