Help me write a funny caption!
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Please help me come up with a caption for this photo of Andrew Wakefield holding a pair of sunglasses. I'm looking for a punny CSI:Miami sort of parody. I'm sure there is someone out there wittier than I. Thank you!
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Deal with it.
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"Yeah, but is the truth as dapper as this, baby?"
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Best answer: "Do you know what this is? *Glasses off* ... MCCARTHYISM. Yeaaaaah!"

"My outfit clashes so badly because I insisted on buying each piece ... *glasses off* ... SEPARATELY. Yeaaaaaah!"

"I'd say all this has cost me ... *glasses off* ... DEERLY. Yeaaaaah!"
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Best answer: 'Spreading panic and lies about the MMR vaccine was like getting the jab itself...'
'...It only took one prick.'
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Everyone keeps saying, "Andrew, you ought to come clean about your fraud. Andrew, you ought to be put in jail." Frankly, I'm a little tired of all this --



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Fraud? Hoax?
Take your best shot.
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4chan version:

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The name's Cock. Big Cock.
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