Comedy Film About RPGs?
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A comedy film about table-top gaming.

I saw a preview a few years ago for an independent, documentary style comedy about a group of table top gamers that looked awesome, and I can not find it anywhere. Google, logically, keeps turning up "The Gamers" and "Gamers" but it was neither of those, so please don't pop in to say, "Was it Gamers or perhaps The Gamers?", because it was not.
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Was it full-length or a short film? "Fear of Girls" springs to mind, but it is a short film.
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Response by poster: I'm almost certain it was a feature.
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Was it RPG?
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Any of these?

Gamerz (not the same as Gamers)
Assemblage of the Crystal Sphere
Welcome to Reality
Fellowship of the Dice
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Response by poster: None of these. Perhaps it was never released.
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Ask Wil Wheaton! He does a podcast now about gaming and might dig into it just to use as material.
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Of Dice and Men? (It's a play, not a documentary.)

There's also a short documentary of the same name about Risk, it's part of a collection from Microcosm Publishing.
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Best answer: Had to do some digging to a movie that I made a mental note to see when it came out.

Could it be Zero Charisma?

Boing Boing post

IndieGoGo page (Goal Met!)

The Facebooks
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Sinus Supremas!

(sorry, not helping)
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Popping in to say that this came over the neighborhood mailing list tonight. Was it perhaps not The Gamers but The Gamers: Dorkness Rising? Also, did you see that great episode of Community?

"The Gamers" came out in 2002. The sequel "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" came out in 2008. The new movie is a sequel to "Dorkness Rising" and may have another title. My niece's friend was at Gen Con in Indianapolis this fall to film the first segment.
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