Wanted, waterproof Persian carpet knockoff. Fying optional.
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I am looking for a fine Persian cheap plastic rug.

Once upon a time I saw these cheap astroturf mats colored to look like you basic cheap knockoff of a Persian rug. Now I find myself having a use for such a thing, and can find nothing like it. All of the likely search strings that I come up with take me to places that sell both Persian looking rugs AND astroturf.

Grant me this wish oh hivemind of the lamp!
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I see lots of stuff for outdoor persian rugs, change the search terms up a bit ?
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Something like this?
I think the generic term for the brand name "AstroTurf" is outdoor carpeting or outdoor rug. I searched for patterned outdoor rug, and found quite a bit. Unfortunately no one describes their product as being rough and scrapey like AstroTurf.
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Here are some outdoor oriental rugs.
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I've always like the selection of outdoor rugs here... fun colors, not too expensive.
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Is this what you were looking for? We have one at home. The 'rug' is woven plastic strands, maybe about 1/8inch wide. It was in out kitchen for awhile, but I imagine it will make a more appropriate appearance on our deck this summer.
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Not really cheap but this is the first thing that came to mind.
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