How do I create two sets of page numbers?
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How do I create two sections with two different sets of page numbers in MS Word for Mac?

This seems like it should be simpler than this.

I have a 20 page document with the first 5 pages that need i,ii,iii page numbers and then a main section that requires 1,2,3 numbers that start at 1 not 6. I have tried my hand at various section breaks and page breaks but I cannot figure it out!

I am using Word for Mac 2008.

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I don't have Word on the computer in front of me, but from memory, type in the first five pages, insert a section break (that starts a new page, not a continuous section break), type in the next pages. Go to the footer of the first section, insert the page number in the format in which you want. Leave the footer. Scroll down to your main section, go to the footer. Uncheck or disable the link to previous section option. Delete the footer, insert a new page number and in the page number option you want the "Start at" option and specify 1.

Now you're all set.
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Brian Puccio has it.

Here's another way to do it: Insert a section break between the two sections. In the first section, choose Insert > Page Numbers..., then in the dialogue, choose where you want them and then click the Format... button. Choose the format you want.

Now go to the second section. Choose Insert > Page Numbers..., specify where you want them (which should be the same as section 1), and then click the Format... button. Under Page Numbering, choose the radio button for Start At: and then enter 1.

Any other Brians want to chime in on this?
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Thanks Brians! Word up.
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