meditating in glasgow
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meditation in glasgow

I have recently started enjoying meditation, having attended drop in the local Buddhist centre, which is held once a week. however I'd like to be able to do it more, especially during my one hour lunch break. can anyone think of places I can hang out and do this with minimal distraction and not get mugged(!). I work in the city centre in Glasgow, Scotland.
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The chaplaincy at Strathclyde University might be willing to let you use their prayer room, which is in the city centre.
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Garnethill park is quiet.
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great! garnethill is near cowcaddens. thank you both.
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This is probably to far but the wedge between Sauchiehall st and Woodlands road has a lot of different spaces. If its the Buddhist centre on Sauchiehall st you go to wont they let you go in any other time.
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It's not close enough for a lunch break, but if you get more time I recommend a short course at Samye Ling by Lockerbie.
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As stuartmm said, the Glasgow Buddhist Centre is just down the road from Garnethill Park - opposite the Dental School on Sauchiehall St. But maybe that's the "local Buddhist Centre" you referred to? Anyway, they're usually happy for folk to drop in whenever and use one of the shrine rooms to meditate/sit if they are not in use. See their website for the programme to see if it works well with your lunch hour -

Oh, and say hi from me! :)

The good people from Samye Ling have a place too off Woodland Road and near Kelvingrove Park -
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Oh, the Samye Dzong link didn't come out for some reason:
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