Body Browser for iPad?
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Is there a web browser for iPad that will allow me to use the rather excellent Google Body Browser?
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Best answer: Interesting timing - I did a post on BodyBrowser in the blue a few weeks ago. As far as I can determine, bonobo, the answer is "not yet": BodyBrowser requires a bleeding-edge beta browser (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) and the technology used (WebGL) is so cutting-edge that even Google tends to turn support on and off in Chrome between releases as the bugs are worked out.

Six months should see support move onto the iPad, at a guess, either through Safari being upgraded, or Google porting Chrome to the device. Marrying a web application like BodyBrowser to touch-based computing would seem to be destiny, so I can't imagine it would take long.
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Response by poster: It sounds I can stop searching for the time being. Thanks!
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