Is this possible, or am I dreaming?
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I need a way to set up a timer for when my torrents will run and when they'll be off. I'm using Transmission on a mac, but I'm open to switching things up.

I want to be able to set my system up so my (always-on) Mac (osX) will only use my torrenting program while I sleep. Ideally, I will be able to load torrent files whenever, and keep the program running all the time, but all downloads and uploads will be paused during the day, and resume from 12am-7am.

Is there a way to do this simply? Or not simply? I am more than willing to use a new torrent client if I need to! Thanks mefi!
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uTorrent on Windows has a great scheduler. However, I think the scheduler is not in the Mac version. I don't have a Mac to check myself.
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uTorrent has a scheduler that should allow you to do just that. I have never used it tho, so your mileage may vary, and you might have to read some FAQs.
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You could set up a cron job (Lingon is a nice GUI interface for this) to schedule the hours when Transmission is allowed to run.
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This Windows version of uTorrent has this feature and there is a Mac download. I don't know if all the features in the Windows version exist in the Mac version, but I'd be very surprised if they didn't.
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In Transmission, go to Preferences > Bandwidth and check the "Schedule Speed Limit" button. Set the times how you like. Set the actual speed limit to 0.
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D'oh! What everyone else said. Also, consider me very surprised.
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uTorrent for Mac does not have the scheduler, FWIW.

Unless I am stupid.
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I would stop using Transmission, as it misreports stats to trackers (which might get you in trouble with certain private trackers).

Unfortunately, for the time being, a scheduler is not available for OSX uTorrent. Though it has been promised...
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yeah, what tylerk said: Transmission > Preferences > Bandwidth has you covered.
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I've never ever had a problem such as kuanes with Transmission, and I've been using it since it was released.

Anyhow, Transmission does have a scheduler built in.
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Such as kuanes describes.
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Response by poster: AHH! I should have figured that Transmission had something built in. Thanks for the help!
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Misreports stats how?
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