I'm a clumsy oaf. Help me replace this glass.
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Trying to replace a vintage-ish glass I broke. Can someone help me with descriptive terms so I can find it on ebay?

Here is a shot of another glass from the set. I didn't buy the glasses myself - they belong to a friend, and I knocked one over a little while ago.
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looks like a "parfait glass" to me
posted by cosmicbandito at 11:12 AM on January 21, 2011

It looks like an old fashioned soda fountain/soda jerk glass. I'd look for that sort of thing.
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Looks like an ice cream parfait glass to me
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Aren't they commonly used for ice cream kind of drinks, like root beer floats? I can picture it with a straw and a long-handled spoon in there.
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'Parfait glass' may be a useful search term. This looks pretty close, actually.
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Best answer: Isn't this it?
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"Vintage soda fountain glass" turned up this and this.
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In addition to eBay, you might try the vintage offerings at Etsy.

I found this by searching under Etsy Vintage for "parfait glass." I can't tell if it's very similar, or if it's the same glass. Can you?
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Sorry, you asked for descriptive terms. If that Etsy listing is the same glass
(or even if it's just similar), then it gives you some search terms, too.
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