I'm trying to Knowledge 120
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In the Nation of Gods & Earths (AKA 5 Percent Nation) there are 120 questions and answers you have to be able to answer on demand. I'm trying to lean them....

Learning all the questions and awnsers is referred to as "Knowedging 120".

I have been trying to locate a site or a person who can help me with my goal but Five Percenters are rare on the west coast and my best Google-Fu turns up conflicting versions (both of which don't even have 120 questions).

Is there anyone out there that can help?
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Knowledging 120 is, I think, identical to the "Supreme Wisdom" originated by NOI and WD Fard (at least according to this). It is broken into different groupings, but I think they add up to 120. But that is still only one-third of the Cipher (360, 0), you need to check your Supreme Alphabet. This stuff is so confusing it makes my head spin, Allah (arm, leg, leg, arm, head). Zig-Zag-Zig.
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I had never heard of this, but why are you trying to learn them? These seem to be rather biased or, um, wrong.

Buddhism is 35,000 years old.
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I was hoping this was going to be a question about memorization. I'm also wondering whether this thread will produce the same kind of callouts that come up when there's a post about Christianity.

And thefinned1, you might ask at your local African/African-American/Afrocentric bookstore. As you probably already know, though, most people learn this kind of stuff in a cipher. Freedom, power and equality. (I'm an atheist, but I listen to a lot of hip-hop.)
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Perhaps you can go down to your local 5 percent organization (I'm forgetting the name they use for their church/temple/meeting hall/what have you) they may have reading material that breaks it down.
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Well I flagged it... It seemed more like an advertisement than a question. Now that I have read some user histories, and thought about it a little, I guess I shouldn't have been so cynical...

Nonetheless, it does sound kind of cult like and creepy. Is that the kind of callout you mean box?
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Response by poster: I am trying to Knowledge 120 because

1) I am interested in exactly what the 120 questions and answers are or will be

2) A life time of east coast hip-hop has me fascinated by 5% nation and by knowledge 120 I hope to get a better understanding of it.

I am asking MeFi because:

1) I am white, and the 5% nation appears to be closed to folks like myself.

2) As I said above, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for via Google.
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No, Chuckles, that is not the kind of callout I meant. I was thinking more like this kind of thing.

This thread makes me think that a very good FPP could be made about Five-Percenters and hip-hop culture. Hmm.
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Response by poster: FPP?
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Front Page Post, as in, a collection of Knowledge 120 links for the blue.
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