What's this movie?
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OK, another lost movie title: Around 1970, on late-night TV, I caught most of a very compelling, very depressing story about an immigrant family in the slums of New York (I think), but was never able to learn its name...

...There's a mom, a pop, a teen-aged boy and girl. The son has an on-going feud with a local gang, but slowly wins their respect and starts to get sucked into their lawless ways. The daughter gets invited to join the "good life" by "having dates" with nice rich men; unaware, of course, of what they'll expect of her. When the son hears that his sister is about to go out this way for the first time, he starts a quest for her. Meanwhile, the parents have a violent argument, mom falls into a full tub, knocking in a running fan...dies. Dad takes rat poison in remorseful despair and is dying on the street as the son brings rescued daughter back home safely...PLEASE help me name this unforgetable nightmare, and finally prove it wasn't just a bad dream!
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That sounds like a movie I saw on TV in Moscow in 1990, but I have no idea what the name was... so I can't really help, other than to say that I don't think it was just a bad dream...
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