How do I put bibtex data into a semantic wiki?
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How can I get my Semantic MediaWiki to display and sort BibTeX data the way I'd like?

I set up a local MediaWiki with the semantic web extension on Ubuntu 10.10.

I'd like to use this to take notes on books and articles and learn a little more about semantic web. Ideally, each book or article has its own page with my notes and a citation section showing the citation in BibTeX format. Once I set the semantic relationships among the standard bibtex fields, I'd like to be able to have the wiki 1) export a text file of all of the citations in bibtex format and 2) list all the books or articles written by x author or published between years y and z. (If I get really fancy, I'd like to eventually add some biographical information to get more out of the semantic links, but that's for another day).

Unfortunately, I'm a bit lost about where to start, and I thought I'd try Ask before installing every extension that mentions BibTeX. From the tool-kit side, do I need extensions like Bibtex or Bibwiki to do this, even though they seem to address slightly different needs than mine? (I hope not Bibwiki, because I haven't been able to get it to work yet). From the user-input side, is there a straightforward way to go about implementing this on my wiki so that the right entries in the citation (and the citation itself) get the right semantic links when I input a bibtex citation?

This seems like the sort of problem that a computer can manage without much difficulty, but I'm not sure where to even look for the solution. (I know there are other wikis out there, but I'd like to see how far I can get with this one first.)

Bonus points: I've never done anything requiring I run apache or mysql either. I'm pretty sure the wiki is just local, but is there a way (other than unplugging the Ethernet cable) to make sure I'm not accidentally opening something else up to the net?
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Figured it out by making some edits to an extension that (sort of) allows you to automatically create new wiki pages containing bibtex information by importing your .bib file. In case anyone comes across this issue, I edited the relevant php files in the BibTeXImport extension so that the author, title, publication date, etc. fields are generated as semantic links. I *should* be able to use another extension to pull those out in bibtex format (semantic results, I believe), but getting this working was enough for my current needs.
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