How do I sync Outlook 2007 calendar and contacts to my Mac?
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How do I get my Work Outlook 2007 calendar/contacts to sync with my MacBook Air?

So I've finally treated myself and taken the plunge on a 13" MacBook Air. It's very sweet and I love it, so much so that Mrs arcticseal has nicknamed it First Wife.

What I'd like to do is have it take my calendar and contact from MS Exchange and sync it without automatically downloading my work email (which is what happened last night, I've taken the mailbox offline in Mail). Except for when I'm travelling, I plan to keep my work email on my crappy work Dell.

I usually use my Outlook calendar for entry, but would sometimes like to be able to sync back to Exchange. I'd like to avoid duplicate entries piling up too.

For bonus points, please give me your recommendations on your must have software for Macs and any shortcuts you rely on. It's been 10 years since I've used a Mac seriously, so I have some catching up to do.

I downloaded Albert last night to give it a whirl as I try and avoid the mouse wherever possible, love hotkeys! I've also heard good things about Quicksilver, but I see it's been discontinued?
I have Dropbox so I can keep files synced between the PC and the Mac.
I use KeePass on the PC for password management, and was wondering if the 1.x OSX version is compatible with the WinXP 2.x database I have. Or should I consider something like 1Password?

Are there any other gems I'm missing?
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I am pretty sure that Outlook only works on Windows. In order to remote access my work computer and outlook, I bought a program called "Parallels." This program is designed so that mac users can also have access to Microsoft Windows. It is basically like having 2 systems on one computer. When you turn on your mac, Parallels shows up in your applications menu and when you click the icon, it is basically like turning on a PC on your mac. It allows you to switch back and forth from Windows to your mac. It is the only way that I have been able to access my work computer and my work outlook. Although my calendars aren't synced, I am able to access them on the same computer (macbook pro). Hope this helps a little.

My other advice would be to go as the IT guy at your office... (Unless you don't have an IT guy, or, if you have an IT guy like the one at my firm, who never seems to help anyone anyway.)

Good luck
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Best answer: Did you get MobileMe? MobileMe will allow you to sync your calendar and contacts from MS Exchange into a datacloud so you can access it all via the MobileMe interface. It's pretty neat, and if you ever get any other Apple devices, like an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc, you'll be able to sync all your email and data to those items using MobileMe too. The folks at the Apple store can help you find other options, too. That's just the big one I know and use.

As for other fun accoutrements to have for OSX, check out the new Mac App store since a lot of iPhone apps are being converted for use outside of the iOS, and definitely look into stuff like Synchronize! Pro X for backing up your data, and utilities like HandBrake and Bootcamp.

PS: Props to Mrs. Arctic Seal for being so understanding. My tech toys are not treated as reverently by some of my loved ones... :(
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kk16- Office 2010 for Mac includes Outlook for Mac. The Parallels option is no longer needed. Outlook for Mac support Exchange natively.
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Also -- there's now Microsoft Outlook 2011. One of the primary reasons I finally consolidated/moved from a hybrid system (a ThinkCentre Desktop, a ThinkPad and a Macintosh Powerbook G4) to a Macintosh MacBook Pro was I could bring all of my Outlook (.pst) data over to OS/X, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I've figured that by taking the work mail account offline in Mail, I can still get the contacts and calendar to update and sync back with my work Exchange account.

Any more recommendations on apps/utilities that are invaluable?
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