Will any guido gorilla juiceheads lend this bro a hand? Jersey Shore transcriptz, plzzzz~
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Gods help me: I'm looking for someplace where I can find transcripts (not recaps) of the dialogue between the guidos and guidettes on hit MTV TV show "The Jersey Shore." I also guess that recaps with tons of quotes might serve my purposes as well. (Already familiar with the Gawker recaps and TW/oP recaps.) It's for pseudoacademic ends. Honest!
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Best answer: Like this?
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Best answer: Subtitle files are called .srt files, so if that link doesn't have all the transcripts you need, try searching for "Jersey Shore srt" plus the episode name or number.
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To add to what jeather said, .srt files are just text files with timestamps so the video player knows when to display what subtitle. If you can find .srt files for the episodes, you can open them up in a text editor and read them like a transcript.
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