Best place to buy gadgets in KL?
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Where is the best place for shopping for electronics in Kuala Lumpur?

I'll be in KL in a few weeks, and would like to do a bit of shopping for electronic gadgets on the assumption that there'll be a few bargains for an Australian shopper.

Is there a particular area where the best deals are to be had? I'm thinking of things like some sort of android tablet, a camera and possibly a hard disk or two.
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and a portable media player? You could ask any locals you may happen to know. We went to a nondescript concrete shopping mall a short walk north of the CBD, which was in the Lonely Planet, and found many many small shops selling electronics as well as a range of stuff. maybe it was the campbell centre?
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Try Plaza Low Yat on Bukit Bintang
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It has 7 floors of all electronics (I think it's 7), upper floors are cheaper.
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Any chance you'll be passing Singapore on your way to KL? Sim Lim Square in SG is an electronics shopper's paradise.
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