Damaged Luggage and the TSA
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I recently flew domestically in the US and had luggage damaged by a TSA inspection, anybody have a similar experience?

I'm basically wondering if anybody has had any luck filing damage claims with the TSA. My item was an inflatable rubber product that was damaged by the repeated closing of a zipper. The product cost about $350 and I'm asking for replacement.
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I'd ask on the Flyertalk Travel Safety/Security forum. I know several of the posters there have done this, not sure how successfully.

Be prepared for an earful about how evil the TSA is from most of the posters, and then indignance from the TSA apologists. Hopefully you will get a decent answer despite the derail.
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inflatable rubber product
Inflatable woman?

Kidding, kidding.
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Actually, in all honesty, that was what crossed my mind, too, PinkSuperhero. :-)
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JERRY: That is one place on my wardrobe I do not need sharp interlocking metal teeth. It’s like a mink trap down there.
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You should have found a paper in your luggage that gives a contact number and address. I have had one inserted every time I have flown this year.
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mischief: they do NOT always leave the slip of paper if they inspect your luggage. The info on it is all available on their web site anyway.

But for that matter, crazy finger, how do you know it was the TSA that damaged your luggage, and not the airline?
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